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Can You Get Too Much Exercise?

Study of endurance athletes who participated in the Vasaloppset, a grueiling 56-mile cross-country ski marathon in Sweden, as well studies in rats raise new questions about the heart dangers of intense and prolonged exercise, while other research points to the benefits of moderation.

NFL rookie says he hit 25 mph on treadmill

NFL rookie says he hit 25 mph on treadmill
This video already has more than one-million hits since being posted on YouTube last week. Robert Gill says he cranked the treadmill up to 25 miles per hour and this video appears to show him jumping on and staying on for a few seconds. He could be …

Behold! A Puppy In A Tracksuit Running On A Treadmill (VIDEO)
And now we find out that adorable puppies are wearing them during their treadmill workouts? Mind. Blown. Warning: While the adorable pup above appears capable of stepping off the treadmill on his own, leaving your pets unattended near operational …
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