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Anniversary Book Delves into Artists' Studios, Creative Processes

Anniversary Book Delves into Artists' Studios, Creative Processes
Other studios incorporate television sets and elliptical-training machines. One featured artist, Karen Bateman, does not use a studio at all, preferring to execute plein air paintings at scenic locales such as Great Falls Park. Bateman and fellow …
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Professor makes findings on disc galaxies
They slowly shift them into elliptical orbits at various distances from the galaxy's center, smoothing out its appearance. Before the two focused their research on this area of galaxy formation, theories abounded about how galaxies make this transition.
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Lastest Treadmills News

Work out while you work: More employees using treadmill desks, standup desks
Josh Baldonado, an administrative assistant at Brown & Brown Insurance, works at a treadmill desk in the firms offices in Carmel, Ind., Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013. Workers sign up for 30 slots not he treadmills and have their phone and computer …
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Crossfit Cirencester, based at RAU is not like a traditional gym
Instead of treadmills and exercise bikes, this gym offers regular exercise classes varying from Olympic lifting to endurance tests. Head coach David Long explained why Crossfit was becoming a worldwide phenomenon. "We do activities which you won't …
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Lastest Exercise Machines News

Profit Motive at Play in Knee MRI Orders?
Also, bilateral scans were more than twice as commonly ordered by orthopedists with an ownership interest in the MRI machines (7% versus 2%, P=0.002). Patient age, physician years of practice, and proportion with specialized or fellowship training didn …
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Tips for Women Using Fitness and Exercise Equipments
Fortunately, there are several types of effective exercise equipment that are suitable for home use. While women hardly need gender specific fitness equipment, some gym machines are more appropriate for the average female height, torso and leg length.
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