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Kelli Deeth: The short story

Kelli Deeth: The short story
What other narrative species gives writers the freedom to be strange, allusive and elliptical—and readers the freedom to come away from a story without a clear directive as to what they are supposed to think? The rules are tighter in almost every …
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New on DVD
But now and then he returns to the talky, elliptical movie he started out making: In 1995, he made “Before Sunrise,” starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as Jesse and Celine, two people in their 20s who meet on a train and spend a romantic night having …
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Lastest Exercise Equipment News

Park equipment offering outdoor alternative to gyms
Bogota and Teaneck want to join a growing list of towns nationwide that are adding exercise equipment to parks and playgrounds to encourage residents to get off the couch and get active. These outdoor gyms — also called Fitness Zones or adult …

Sumner Field track includes exercise stations
Two pieces of exercise equipment, one for pull-ups and the other for sit-ups, are now installed at the Sumner Field walking track for community use. The exercise stations are located behind the backstop for the softball field. “The recreation …
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Leading KC Fitness Equipment Store Announces Big Sales up to 80% Discount
Overland Park, KS ( Mediasyndicate ) September 19, 2013 – Amazing news for the Kansas fitness enthusiasts planning to invest in exercise equipment – All About Fitness, the leading KC based fitness equipment store, has recently announced the Fitness …
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Turn-key rotary table system from IntelLiDrives

Turn-key rotary table system from IntelLiDrives
They are fitted with stepper motor to enabling angular speed up to 20 deg/s. All RTLA stages are constructed of anodized aluminum with a double row of preloaded bearings that allow for off-center loads in a reduced footprint and improved stiffness …
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Motor Driver IC includes built-in translator.
Allegro's A4992 is a single chip solution designed to operate bipolar stepper motors in full, half, quarter and eighth step modes, at up to 28 V (up to 50 V supply operation). At power-on, the A4992 is configured to drive most small stepper motors with …
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