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Precor(R) and DIRECTV Make Fitness Fun With HDTV-Enabled Treadmills
Precor and DIRECTV are enabling fitness operators and hotels to provide exercisers with an expansive number of entertainment options, including their favorite programs in HD, as they work out on cardio equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals …
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Clinton Y stays cutting-edge with new exercise equipment
Video screens on the treadmills allow the exerciser to dial up the most challenging hiking trails in the U.S. As you walk or run, it looks like you are on the trail, so it's not just boring old walking. Three new stationary bikes have pass-through …
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High-tech gyms take root in Washington
The names of the dozen people in our “Orange 60” session, including mine, appear on a TV screen mounted above a row of treadmills. The color of the box around each name changes depending on the individual's heart rate. In this and every hour-long class …
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On The Run: The habits of highly effective treadmill runners
Personally, I can't stand treadmills. They're deadly dull and can be mind-numbing, but they're absolutely invaluable when you want to get a run in without having to worry about slipping or getting hit by a car. Most of us don't have our own treadmills …
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