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Digi-Key – Driver ICs for unipolar-mode 2-phase stepper motors (Sanken
Sanken's STA7130MPR series driver ICs are now available from Digi-Key. They are designed for driving unipolar-mode, 2-phase stepper motors in low-voltage (up to 44 V output) applications. The devices provide a range of maximum output currents from 1A …
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White's lightning strikes Fox
White had the audience in the palm of his hand from the outset, leading a singalong on the wordless chant accompanying “High Ball Stepper,” the instrumental from “Lazaretto” that kicked off the show. The crowd went wild when he shifted into “Dead …
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Mec'Nex – A Sub-0 3D Printer Constructed of K'nex, Utilizes a Unique SLA
mecnex7 I hold a belief that 3D printing won't fully catch on among at-home users until an affordable Stereolithography (SLA) based solution becomes available. SLA is definitely the future in my mind, as it has the ability to create more precise …

These walls actually talk
The Grandin is a show home that will speak to those who visit it in more ways than one. It's one of two models showcased by Stepper Custom Homes in an innovative approach it calls The Stepper Experience. With The Stepper Experience, sound and video of …
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