Why Runners Should Embrace Cross-Training

Why Runners Should Embrace Cross-Training
Elliptical: Another motion similar to the running stride, the differences between machines can result in a feeling of a shortened stride. Ideally you'd like for the stride to feel natural; adjust the tension level and incline to tailor the workout to …
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Creating Life Balance To Achieve Success
Commit to a weekly exercise program. Your family, friends and co-workers will benefit from these changes, too. They'll appreciate your lower stress levels and renewed focus. To quote Mark Mahoney's experience, “small things make a big difference.”.
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Why You Shouldn't Measure Exercise Hours in Slices of Cheesecake
Most activity calorie calculators you can find online (or embedded in exercise machines) ask you to enter your weight at the very least, but even the ones that also ask for your gender, age, and height aren't perfect. The only accurate way to find out …
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