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Finding the Poetry in Hip-Hop
"You're not exactly a backpacker / You're not a gang banger / You're not a swagger rapper / You're not a hustler and you're not a slacker / Not a half stepper and you're not a kappa / You're not a trapper even though you kept a Trapper Keeper / You don …
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Exclusive news and research on the wine, spirits and beer business
•Pernod Ricard has entered into a multimillion-dollar deal with branded-entertainment agency Madvine that will see its brands integrated into the scripts of film, TV and digital projects, Ad Age reports. Madvine CEO Danny Stepper told the publication …
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Cardio machines: Which one is right for you?
Stair Stepper: These machines offer a low-impact workout for people with weak bones or injured joints. Plus, stair steppers can help slow bone loss since the movement counts as a weight-bearing exercise. Proper, upright posture will increase the number …
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It's Time to Take a Stand Against Sitting
It has launched a Kickstarter initiative to build the TrekDesk II, which serves as a sort of Swiss Army Knife unit: It can be used as a regular desk, a standing desk, a sit-to-stand desk or a motion desk (treadmill, stepper, elliptical) that changes as …
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