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Tell us: What do you want to change about Navy fitness?
Among push-ups, curl-ups, run, bike, swim and elliptical, what portions of the PRT would you like to change or drop altogether? Do you favor upping the number of “bad day” retests or scrapping them altogether? Should commands be required to carve out …

The Book We're Talking About: 'Neverhome' By Laird Hunt
I tried to clear the leaves away but found my arms were pinned at my sides. I could turn my neck and wiggle my toes and hands but otherwise could not budge." Rating, out of 10: 8. Hunt manages to craft an elliptical commentary on the subjectivity of …
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Five Things I Learned from 'Geek' Culture
… Johannes Kepler, for example, started out with the theory that the planets move in circular orbits whose proportions are determined by the perfect Pythagorean solids—which he eventually threw out when the data demonstrated that they move in …
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