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Horses for courses: the science behind Melbourne Cup winners
Use of high-speed treadmills is now much more common in the larger training businesses, and adoption of this technology seems more common in Australia than in other countries. A treadmill is particularly useful for monitoring and maintaining a horse's …
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OK Go's new drone-filled music video is amazing
Rock band/viral-video-machine OK Go has released its latest music video — and its members have officially graduated from treadmills and optical illusions to a more sky's-the-limit approach. For their new song, I Won't Let You Down, Damian Kulash, Tim …
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Wally Kennedy: Gym located in perfect spot for 'positive reinforcement'
When I walked over to some treadmills that face Main Street, I couldn't help but notice the new Baskin-Robbins across the street. My version of a workout would probably conclude with a scoop or two of butter pecan. I'm a firm believer in positive …
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