Weight Training for Women: 3 Tips From a New “Lady Lifter”

Weight Training for Women: 3 Tips From a New “Lady Lifter”
With six months until W-Day (wedding day), I recently challenged myself to take on a new fitness program—something I've never done before because I never thought I could. I decided to start free-weight training as part of my #HealthyMe goals. Weight …
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Target training
At the gym, it may not even catch your eye as you pass by it on your way to more complex-looking exercise equipment. … Any time you create an unstable situation, your core has to engage more, so you get a more challenging workout," Pennock said …
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What To Know When Gym Shopping
“Ninety percent of loyal fitness club members used only 10 percent of a club. And people don't want to pay for what they're not using,” he said. With the 10 percent, you get weights, cardio machines, limited private shower rooms and no lines. An …
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