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Boost Your Aerobic Capacity – Best Treadmill Workouts
Aidan Charles, owner of the endurance-focused Charles Coaching, likes to use this workout to help build aerobic fitness. It's perfect for someone who is four to six weeks out from a race and already has a solid aerobic base. "It's also good for someone …
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The world's largest synchronised treadmill dance involves 40 treadmills, a dog
If anything's going to inspire us to get off the sofa and onto the treadmill this January, it's this ridiculously infectious synchronised treadmill dance. To advertise its incline trainer treadmills (15 per cent off for a limited period only …
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Beginner Treadmill Workouts
Is 2015 the year you're going to learn (to love) to run? Stop feeling intimidated by the long line of treadmills at the gym! Hop on with one of these beginner-friendly workouts that each offer easy-to-follow instructions and an awesome sweat session …
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VIDEO: 'Price Is Right' Announcer Eats It on the Treadmill
The career of the man who makes his living through the words “Come on down!” took a literal turn on The Price is Right this week. The show's announcer, George Gray, took a tumble on a treadmill while describing the latest haul of prizes. Like the …
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