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Exercise class is in session — let the sweating begin

Exercise class is in session — let the sweating begin
That speaks to the appeal of classes — a defined start and end time with a leader to put you through your paces, no aimless wandering around the gym waiting for equipment and the camaraderie of exercising with a group. And going to class regularly can …
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Fitness: Top Seven Myths and Five Hard Facts About Exercise
Choosing the right fitness routine and the best exercises can be as challenging as reading the fine print in a gym membership contract because some people cannot tell if aclaim they had heard or read is a myth or a hard fact. With a dose of evidence …
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The broomstick workout
Here are a few broomstick-inspired workouts we suggest you try when life gets too hectic and you can't find the time to exercise outdoors or at the gym. You can do them while watching your favourite sitcom or even while doing your daily chores. 1. Leg …
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Waiting for the Forgetting to Begin

Using a jarred brain as a teaching tool, my dad showed my 8-year-old self how brains with Alzheimer’s disease become smaller, and how wide grooves develop in the cerebral cortex. But only after his death – and my mother’s confession about whose brain occupied that jar – did I figure out that my father was quite literally demonstrating how this disease runs through our heads.