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Well: We Lost Our Soldier, but We’re Still an Intact Family

As Memorial Day approaches, I am reminded of the urge to defend my family to those who assume I am single because of infidelity, abuse or neglect.
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Interview: Kirsten Gillibrand Talks Work, Family, And Why "Women Are Often

Interview: Kirsten Gillibrand Talks Work, Family, And Why "Women Are Often
The release of the book made headlines thanks to a pair of truly repellent anecdotes about sexist behavior in Congress: A fellow member of Congress saw her on the elliptical in the gym and said, approvingly, "Good thing you're working out, because you …
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Why Are There 3 Versions of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, and How
Variety says Her unspools in a “more elliptical, dreamlike fashion, punctuated by flashbacks to happier times,” while Him “plays more straightforwardly.” But it definitely seems like seeing both Him and Her back-to-back might be a better option than …
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Make outdoor activity a family priority this summer

Make outdoor activity a family priority this summer
Stand-up work stations and treadmills fitted with a desktop are gaining in popularity because of what we now know about movement helping us focus, burn calories and contribute to our health. Parents need to be realistic in their expectations for how …
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Ideas gathered for Lied Center expansion
"I think the biggest need we've seen is a bigger exercise room," said Pullen, "where we have our treadmills and our weights. That's the main thing that I can see from this survey." Design team members are expected to release a final report sometime …
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Building physically active communities
Members of the Cambridge Wellness Collaborative set out to create a local, affordable fitness facility, and thanks to a $ 37,000 grant and additional donations, have been able to purchase treadmills, upright and recumbent bikes, and new flooring. The …
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Running: Schaeffer-Duffy family marathons with a message

Running: Schaeffer-Duffy family marathons with a message
"I've gotten the motivation to start training more regularly," said Davis, who in the improved weather has gotten off the treadmills and been able to put in some mileage around the fields at Hartford, while not being able to run on the roads alone …
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Line forms for AESD's newest STEM school
Some of the schools operate almost completely paperless and contain a wing of unique classrooms that include cozy seating, laptop and Wi-Fi zones, colorful carpeting and treadmills. Gus Franklin Jr. will have its own sort of iPrep room called EDGE …
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Lucky 13 offers unique look at getting healthy
It doesn't necessarily look like a place to workout from the outside, but once you walk through the door, Lucky 13 Fitness has all of the essentials including free weights, a weight bench, treadmills, an exercise bike and TRX bands. It's also equipped …
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