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Fruits and Vegetables to Fight Cataracts

Here’s another reason to eat your veggies and fruits high in vitamin C: You may reduce your risk of vision loss from cataracts.

Stuck in an Exercise Rut? Fight a Spare Tire With a Tire

Stuck in an Exercise Rut? Fight a Spare Tire With a Tire
Mr. Byers, 53, used to hop from machine to machine at the gym. Five years ago he met Kevin Hall, a personal trainer who convinced him he could get a better workout without the weight machines. “The trainer called it nontraditional cross training and …
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Jason Hawkins: Getting fit is all about the individual
Through the energy of Kopil and Fahy, support will be voice and teaching to use the most complex exercise machine, your own. Contact Cross Fit Broad Reach, on Facebook, by phone at 919-605-6813 or by email at crossfitbroadreach@gmail.com.
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Face of Defense: Compassionate Soldier Motivates Patients
“I never thought I would walk again or ride a bike again.” Soon after surgery, Howard started working with Sharp. He was a little hesitant at first, he said, seeing the exercise equipment such as stationary bicycles, treadmills and elliptical machines …
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