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How do I get my golf game back after a long winter?

How do I get my golf game back after a long winter?
A good golf workout should focus on multijoint functional exercises such as squats and wood chops, and should exclude isolation exercises such as machine leg extensions and crunches. Functional movements require your body to work as a unit and, when …
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Local snowpack sitting at around 93 percent of normal
However, anyone headed into an avalanche prone area should still exercise caution and have the proper training and equipment. The National Weather Service on Monday said there is a 40 percent chance for snow Tuesday. Other parts of Colorado, have …
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NorthBay Healthcare unveils new facility, plans
First in line will be NorthBay's VacaValley Hospital campus which is set to receive a new state-of-the-art medical fitness center, complete with exercise equipment, indoor running track, pools and spas. Officials have dubbed it a "health village," and …
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Waterfield spend £10k on new gym equipment
The Dalby Road facility has recently spent £10,000 on new equipment for its already well-stocked gym. As well as the new equipment, spread over three areas of the gym, Waterfield also run various fitness classes and has two swimming pools to help …
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