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Are You Ready to Eat Your Natto?

A microbiologist turned food entrepreneur says natto, a fermented soybean paste popular in Japan, is a potent source of healthful bacteria.

Get your body ready to hit the hills

Get your body ready to hit the hills
For the second exercise as part of the main course, add a bicycle (the exercise, not the machine): lying on your back, raise a leg to 45 degrees while reaching the opposite elbow toward the knee. Switch legs and elbows, and create a cycling motion of …
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New Exercise Machines at Gibsons Rec Centre
26, the MS equipment fund, represented by Denise Howse and Inge Harrison, officially dedicated two Thera-Vital active/passive exercise machines to the SCRD. The machines, which are accessible to wheelchair users, are now placed in the wellness room at …
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