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Super gym is taking shape in Nuneaton

Super gym is taking shape in Nuneaton
TRANSFORMED… the inside of the new Nuneaton and Bedworth Leisure Trust (NBLT) Empire gym and studios, which used to be Liquid and Envy nightclub. Comments (0). GIANT strides are being … As well as boasting latest fitness equipment and brand new …
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Ben Simpson, of Ermington, is Australia's Strongest Man
“I used to do more than that, but I noticed as I got into the higher levels the toll it takes on my body and I need the extra rest days,” he said. “Two days I practice the events, the other two I do more traditional gym. “I do my normally gym training …
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Does getting a massage count as exercising?
I have three pieces of exercise equipment — well two and a vibrating chair. The chair gives you a rub down like you're getting a massage. My problem is I've never used any of these pieces of equipment. For years I had a treadmill in the room where I work.
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Imprinted Ink T-shirt line impacts students, environment
Imprinted Ink started off with the line of fitness tank tops, and when it started to grow, Minor and Warren started receiving requests for custom orders. Imprinted Ink's shirts are set apart by the fact that the inks used are eco-friendly and printed …
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