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New Year resolutions short lived in East Grinstead as exercise equipment

New Year resolutions short lived in East Grinstead as exercise equipment
Charity shops usually see an uplift in donations as people hand in their unwanted gifts and among this year's were several pieces of brand new exercise equipment. Exercise balls and step-up boxes were donated seemingly un-used to British Heart …
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Chest Workout: 5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Upper Body
Great to do at home if you don't have fancy gym equipment. Take a firm-fitting backpack, preferably one with padded shoulder straps, and fill it with non-sharp household items that have weight. Get into position with the pack and contents fixed firmly …
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Avoiding the Dreaded College Weight Gain: The Importance of Exercise for
Healthy and active individuals are generally those with stronger immune systems and are less likely to catch colds and viruses that spread around campus. Patrons should be sure to disinfect gym equipment before and after use to prevent the spread of …
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Kelli Deeth: The short story

Kelli Deeth: The short story
What other narrative species gives writers the freedom to be strange, allusive and elliptical—and readers the freedom to come away from a story without a clear directive as to what they are supposed to think? The rules are tighter in almost every …
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New on DVD
But now and then he returns to the talky, elliptical movie he started out making: In 1995, he made “Before Sunrise,” starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as Jesse and Celine, two people in their 20s who meet on a train and spend a romantic night having …
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