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Get ready to ride Weldon!
There is a stepper, an elliptical, a rower, star walker, moon walker, a semi recumbent bike, as well as youth and an adult treadmills. At the middle school, the eight pieces of exercise gear include bicep-curl/tricep press, chest press/row, shoulder …
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Making music eases physical exertion: study
The research team, headed by Thomas Hans Fritz, a neurologist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, hooked up three types of exercise machines – a stepper, a tower and a stomach trainer – to a computer.
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Arduino L298n Stepper Motor Is Releasing on Lightake

Arduino L298n Stepper Motor Is Releasing on Lightake
Guangdong, China — (SBWIRE) — 01/07/2013 — If people are looking for an affordable alternative for a stepper motor driver controller board, people might want to check the latest offering from arduino, which is the arduino L298N. One important aspect …
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Lloyds: Second-stepper market remains flat
The typical potential second stepper in 2012 would have bought their first home in 2008. Such a homeowner is, on average, estimated to have an equity level of just £11,500, equivalent to 7 per cent of the average price for a semi-detached house (£162,170).
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The fundamental principles of: Stepper Motors
Stepper motors are very often the best solution for positioning applications, being low cost and straightforward. But they are not a universal panacea and there are other positioning motor options too. Here Gerard Bush of INMOCO explains their basic …
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Dayton ISD spotlight: Bronco Stepper plans to pursue dance career

Dayton ISD spotlight: Bronco Stepper plans to pursue dance career
Asia Brooks, a member of the Dayton Steppers and a senior at Dayton High School, has been dancing since she was 3 years old and took dance classes as a child. She pursued her passion of dance throughout her school years by first joining the Sparklers …
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All stepper motors show some degree of cogging in their motion. Motion smoothness is least-good in full-step stepper motors, better in half-step and even better in microstepping – but it is still not perfect. Some stepper designs address this with …
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Digital stepper drive in a compact package
AutomationDirect's SureStep line of motion control products now includes a low cost of entry digital stepper drive in a compact package. The standard stepper drive operates with high-speed pulse input signals (Step and Direction, or jumper-selectable …
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