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Pokémon Has Kids on the Move — and in Their Phones

The game gets children off the couch, but do our usual screen time limits apply?

Investors and Their Exercise Habits

Investors and Their Exercise Habits
Forty-five percent of business owners who exercise do the workouts at home. Gym memberships apparently are not as prevalent or actively used as the free exercising that is done outside or in the home. Only 25 percent of investors exercise in a gym, …
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Short bursts in gym 'key' to weight loss
Michael Mosley, a doctor and television presenter, is taking on scientists by saying that people with busy lives need spend only a few minutes a day doing exercise. As workouts go on, he said, the benefits decrease. “We think that if we do 20 minutes …
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Personal trainer can help with fitness goals
While no one needs a personal trainer to start or continue their exercise program, there are some advantages to hiring one.If you are new to exercise or feel totally clueless in the gym, a trainer can help you get a running start (no pun intended) on …
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Mizzou Professors Like To Walk On Treadmills All Day Long At Their Desks

Mizzou Professors Like To Walk On Treadmills All Day Long At Their Desks
You know how sitting at your desk all day long hunched in front of a computer not moving, ever, can be sort of terrible for your health and can make you feel awful about your career and your physical existence as a human? Fear not! The University of …
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CAL STATE: Alligators walking treadmills for science
Professor Tomasz Owerkowicz with an alligator in a lab at Cal State University San Bernardino on Monday, May 20, 2013. Owerkowicz says the muscle motion of the reptiles reveals important information and studies are made from alligators walking on a …
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