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Written by Joe Mathews

Written by Joe Mathews
How long can we survive on this treadmill? Younger Californians are working more and paying more—and getting less. Older people always seem to be having a lot more fun—and they're enjoying senior discounts. I haven't seen a movie in months—I have …
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Want to run away from winter? Treadmill classes offer escape
Equipped with 30 treadmills, lighting evocative of dusk or dawn, and group training designed to hone the skills of marathoners and newbies alike, fitness experts say the Mile High Run Club (MHRC) might do a bit to burnish the image of the most used …
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Long-term treadmill exercise attenuates tau pathology in P301S tau transgenic
Recent epidemiological evidence suggests that modifying lifestyle by increasing physical activity could be a non-pharmacological approach to improving symptoms and slowing disease progression in Alzheimer's disease and other tauopathies. Previous …
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Construction accident shuts section of I-59

Construction accident shuts section of I-59
The previous gym at the Plainview School opened around 1950, which meant it was a historic structure. There was a lot of debate if it should … Police in Collinsville said a fire in a piece of paving equipment is to blame for the shutdown. No word on …
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/Still time to develop that potential all-around champion in your home! Sign
Our instructors will work with your child to challenge the mind and body to achieve success in gymnastics; the endeavors we make in the gym will also translate to all aspects of his or her life. Your child will discover ways to focus, concentrate …
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Shirts or Skins: Northern Colorado Rec Center Health Risk?
Requiring that more skin be concealed, especially where parts of the body come in direct contact with equipment, Schuttenberg said that the recreational center hopes to reduce the risk of spreading diseases. “I don't know why they're saying that …
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Only in Texas, the Ford F-Series workout
"I can turn anything into workout equipment," said the certified fitness trainer. "I wanted it to be something anyone can do whether you're a man or a woman. It's showing how people can use something in their every day life as an exercise equipment.".
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