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A8 Art Bar is a place to exercise creativity

A8 Art Bar is a place to exercise creativity
As in his previous career as a trainer and general manager of the South Tampa L.A. Fitness gym, he sets the mood and pace with music and enthusiastic encouragement, but whether the soundtrack at A8 Art Bar is playing James Taylor's “Sweet Baby James” …

HTC Grip vs. Microsoft Band vs. Fitbit Surge
HTC ran into the fitness tracking arena at Mobile World Congress when it unveiled its Grip activity tracker, but it has some stiff competition. Its best ammo is its GPS functionality. HTC is banking on the $ 200 Grip becoming a hit with athletes and …
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Five reasons kids should play organized sports
"By now, I don't think anyone is surprised that regular exercise is good for children and inactivity is places them at risk for illnesses later in life, but when you take a moment to consider the data in-depth for children who exercise and play …
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Lastest Exercise Gym News

Simple steps help body, experts say
… one hour but sitting around the rest of the day,” Bowman said. “You can't offset 10 hours of stillness with one hour of exercise.” But Leslie Sansone, creator of the Walk at Home DVD, said too many people think that hours at the gym is the only way …
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Here's why you should start running
Finding time to exercise is a major concern for many people, so getting the most from your exercise time is critical. Minute for minute, many experts say … Unlike the gym, you can run day or night, in sun, rain or moonlight. It fits anyone's schedule …
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Workout Junkies Flock to CrossFit, Shun Fitness Centers: Retail
The 24-year-old reporter in Sarasota, Florida, ditched her membership at the local Youfit health club and in May joined the Seaward CrossFit studio. Since signing up at the club, which she says has about 40 members and runs classes of 10 or fewer …
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Lastest Used Fitness Equipment News

Let's Get Physical: How to Keep Fit on the Road
Hyatt's StayFitTM fitness centre features the latest, technologically advanced equipment. Plus there's no need to … If you're used to attending classes and need some extra motivation, there are downloadable travel workouts available on the hotel's …
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Exercise equipment from closed fitness center up for bids
fitness equipment.jpg Fitness equipment from Champion Health and Fitness in Kentwood will be sold in an online auction. GRAND RAPIDS, MI – For those in a post-holiday fitness frenzy, an online auction is offering the chance to pick up used exercise …

Books | Remembering Washington and Lincoln

Books | Remembering Washington and Lincoln
Edward Larson's The Return of George Washington, 1783-1789 (HarperCollins, 2014) tells well the story of how Washington's pre-eminence created a willingness among the Founders to create a single executive with kingly power. Otherwise, if the …
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Salvation Army worker's treadmill death compensable
The death of a telecommuter, who suffered a heart attack while walking on the treadmill during work hours, is compensable, and the man's widow should receive workers compensation benefits, the Maine Supreme Court has ruled. Gregory Sullwold was …
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Most common treadmill mistakes

Most common treadmill mistakes
One of the biggest mistakes is that people are doing the same thing on the treadmill over and over again, and then wonder why they do not see results. A great way to mix things and see the results is an interval workout. Try for example this great app …
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The Treadmill Treatment
The Treadmill Treatment Many people with chronic health problems resign themselves to lives of modest activity or no activity at all, thinking vigorous exercise is unsafe or that they lack the stamina for it. But recent studies are proving just the …
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Hit the Hills – Best Treadmill Workouts
"It's hard to keep focused for very long on a treadmill," says running and triathlon coach Chance Regina. "So I break the workout up into lots of little sections." This workout uses easy-to-follow two-minute intervals, but done at an incline. Pointing …
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Blotter: iPad left on treadmill in Downers Grove
An iPad was stolen from a resident who was working on at a fitness center in the 3200 block of Finley Road Jan. 14. The resident left the item on a treadmill and found it was missing when she returned. It is valued at $ 500. Tools valued at $ 2,900 were …
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Stuck in an Exercise Rut? Fight a Spare Tire With a Tire

Stuck in an Exercise Rut? Fight a Spare Tire With a Tire
Mr. Byers, 53, used to hop from machine to machine at the gym. Five years ago he met Kevin Hall, a personal trainer who convinced him he could get a better workout without the weight machines. “The trainer called it nontraditional cross training and …
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Jason Hawkins: Getting fit is all about the individual
Through the energy of Kopil and Fahy, support will be voice and teaching to use the most complex exercise machine, your own. Contact Cross Fit Broad Reach, on Facebook, by phone at 919-605-6813 or by email at
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Face of Defense: Compassionate Soldier Motivates Patients
“I never thought I would walk again or ride a bike again.” Soon after surgery, Howard started working with Sharp. He was a little hesitant at first, he said, seeing the exercise equipment such as stationary bicycles, treadmills and elliptical machines …
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RTS to move all operations to a new facility on Monday

RTS to move all operations to a new facility on Monday
The operations and administration building is home to staff offices and the operators' lounge, which includes new fitness equipment, a larger kitchen area, a quiet room, lockers and mailboxes, Skinner said. Body work and paint repairs will go on in the …
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Losing It
Everybody's got em! New Year's Resolutions. And at the top of most people's list? Getting in shape. From running, to lifting, to spinning, plenty of people are on the move, working hard to incorporate fitness into their daily routine. "Everybody has a …
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Sun City fitness center open houses continue
Sun City's Purrysburg fitness center hosted an open house Jan. 21 so residents could preview fitness equipment and exercise programs before starting a new workout routine for 2015. Health and wellness department staff were on hand to demonstrate …
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Take care in choosing a gym

Take care in choosing a gym
January, the start of New Year's resolution month, sees a healthy uptick in sign-ups at gyms and specialized studios offering such things as Pilates, kickboxing and yoga. But money-saving expert Andrea Woroch in Bakersfield, Calif., said recent …
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Exercise good judgment before signing gym, spa contract 0
Signing up to a new gym to get in shape or taking some time for yourself every month by getting a membership to a local spa and salon might be a good idea, but there are a few things people should remember before signing on the dotted line.
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5 Fitness iPhone Apps That Replace Your Gym Membership
These workouts are coached by expert personal trainers, and they guide you through each exercise on the list using timed, step-by-step audio, photo and video instruction, along with some encouragement to get you through the set. There are multiple …
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6 Tips to Get You Motivated to Exercise
Workout buddies are great because there's an accountability between you. If you skip out on them, you're kind of a jerk, so having a buddy to meet you at a gym, park or fitness class gives you extra motivation to go, which is better than the guilt you …

Tethered to treadmills? Try the cardio machines in the corner

Tethered to treadmills? Try the cardio machines in the corner
Hayley Zawadzki, personal training manager at the New York Health and Racquet Club (NYHRC) fitness center chain in Manhattan, favors the rowing machine. “It burns a high amount of calories in a short amount of time, activates large muscle groups and is …
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Snow, slush cover Northeast as winter storm climbs coast
You will find everything you need to climb, cut and pull trees as well as all the clothing and safety equipment that goes with it. … With 40 acres of green space, and neighborhood recreational facilities including: A club house A community swimming …
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Winter weather no reason to curtail exercise program
For people who prefer to work out at home, home gyms can be a solution to get through the winter months. “Time is a huge thing and so is convenience,” said Chuck Herman, owner of Specialty Fitness Equipment in Bedford Heights. “To have the ability to …
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Lastest Treadmill News

Boost Your Aerobic Capacity – Best Treadmill Workouts
Aidan Charles, owner of the endurance-focused Charles Coaching, likes to use this workout to help build aerobic fitness. It's perfect for someone who is four to six weeks out from a race and already has a solid aerobic base. "It's also good for someone …
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The world's largest synchronised treadmill dance involves 40 treadmills, a dog
If anything's going to inspire us to get off the sofa and onto the treadmill this January, it's this ridiculously infectious synchronised treadmill dance. To advertise its incline trainer treadmills (15 per cent off for a limited period only …
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Beginner Treadmill Workouts
Is 2015 the year you're going to learn (to love) to run? Stop feeling intimidated by the long line of treadmills at the gym! Hop on with one of these beginner-friendly workouts that each offer easy-to-follow instructions and an awesome sweat session …
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VIDEO: 'Price Is Right' Announcer Eats It on the Treadmill
The career of the man who makes his living through the words “Come on down!” took a literal turn on The Price is Right this week. The show's announcer, George Gray, took a tumble on a treadmill while describing the latest haul of prizes. Like the …
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