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Ask Well: Medicines for Motion Sickness

Various patches, drugs and sprays are available for relief of motion sickness symptoms, some commonly taken by astronauts.


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Why sex is a better exercise and much fun than jogging

Why sex is a better exercise and much fun than jogging
Karelis and his colleagues recruited 21 young, heterosexual, committed couples from the local area and had them jog on treadmills for 30 minutes while researchers monitored their energy expenditure so they could compare it with the physical demands of …
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Made by Monkeys Fitness Formula Flaw Miscounts Calories
The local fitness center where I am a member leased new cardio fitness equipment from a company called Matrix. The treadmills appear to be well designed mechanically and have worked well. For my workout, I always use the manual mode. This allows me …
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News in Brief for the week of 2/24
Old treadmills out of the running in Burns Rec. Time has run out for the current treadmills at Burns Recreation Center (Burns Rec). During the week of April 22nd, all 12 treadmills will be replaced with more fit versions.
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A to Z of adventure sports in Mumbai
It's not a team sport, but Morparia finds that the crowd is of mixed age and fitness levels. “Like golf, you aim and shoot,” he says. “But unlike golf, it's not … Equipment is provided for the first month, and you're expected to bring your own …
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No winning ticket for M Lotto Max
Police allege Henneberry and Leggette used Saunders's bank card in the days between when she disappeared and her car was found. The couple made their … Trudeau has gone to some effort to recruit potential star candidates, people of intellectual heft …

LA Clippers Help Coolidge Park Get New Playground, Basketball Court
Coolidge Park is also benefitting from a $ 30,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente's “Heal Zone” initiative, which went towards the construction of a Fitness Zone featuring apparatuses for step-up, sit-up and pull-up exercises as well as plastic equipment …
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