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Well: Science Weighs In on High-Heels

The heroine of “Jurassic World” runs from rampaging beasts in high heels, without turning a hair or an ankle. But research on the biomechanics of wearing heels, including a new study of the effects on ankle strength and balance, says of her equipoise, ha.

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Motion control technology from PI powers Mars science

Motion control technology from PI powers Mars science
Due to violent shocks and vibration during launch and landing, every component in the stage from the stepper motor to the crossed roller bearings and limit switches had to be closely examined and optimized to eliminate the possibility of failure or …
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Motion in Medical Analyzers
A motor, typically Brush DC, Brushless DC, or Stepper, provides the mechanical power to operate the pump. Motor selection is based on several criteria: Technical specifications — torque at speed, efficiency, and noise; Life required for the …
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