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Booty Maxx – Home Workout Exercise Equipment With Resistance Band Technology To Build Shape and Tone Glutes Thighs Quads and Calves – As Seen On TV

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Technology tackles stepper motor hum

Technology tackles stepper motor hum
The German motion control specialist, Trinamic, has developed a technology which, it claims, will cut stepper motor noise levels “significantly”. The patent-pending technology, called stealthChop, is expected to be particularly useful for stepper …
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Creators of Kickstarter's 3D Printer Flux Share Details About the Project
The 3D printer uses high resolution stepper motors to print objects of quality and comes with three efficient cooling fans that enable printing with precision at top speed while minimizing the risk of malfunction due to overheating. Sharing more …
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Partnerschaft – ZEISS kooperiert mit STEPPER
ZEISS und STEPPER EYEWEAR haben eine Partnerschaft vereinbart: STEPPER wird künftig exklusiv unter der Marke ZEISS Brillenfassungen, Sonnenbrillen und Accessoires herstellen und weltweit vertreiben. "ZEISS geht eine solche Partnerschaft nur ein, …
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Motion control technology from PI powers Mars science

Motion control technology from PI powers Mars science
Due to violent shocks and vibration during launch and landing, every component in the stage from the stepper motor to the crossed roller bearings and limit switches had to be closely examined and optimized to eliminate the possibility of failure or …
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Motion in Medical Analyzers
A motor, typically Brush DC, Brushless DC, or Stepper, provides the mechanical power to operate the pump. Motor selection is based on several criteria: Technical specifications — torque at speed, efficiency, and noise; Life required for the …
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Global Markets for Satellite Technology

Global Markets for Satellite Technology
Breakdown by orbit category includes: • Geosynchronous orbit (GEO)/Elliptical/Molniya. • Low earth orbit (LEO). • Medium earth orbit (MEO). Breakdown by end-use application includes: • Enterprises and medicine. • Gaming, media and entertainment.
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IMF gets tough with Turkey
In elliptical language and with no mention of the numbers involved, the IMF also calls for more attention to be paid to the country's $ 164.5bn in short term debt, particularly the $ 63bn or so owed by corporates. But its fundamental question is about no …
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